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• 3/18/2014

Anyone know the name of these two classmates seen on the trip?

Aka, the one with the ponytail and the one with the hair bun, who spent most of the trip with Shinka? I swore I heard one of them addressed by the name Becky in earlier episodes (hair bun) but that was probably a nickname. . There's an official guidebook so I'm sure their names are out there somewhere but for now they remain nameless. We already know Kazari's name but these two have never been directly addressed... can anyone help?!

Here's a picture of them

-HorribleSubs- Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - 06 -720p-.mkv snapshot 07.50 -2014.02.16 18.22.22-
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• 5/10/2018
If you can obtain the 152 page booklet from the Collector edition 1 set, then they're possibly in the classroom ranking page, but sadly i don't so i can't tell you
• 5/11/2018
I found their names in kanji online, and the brunette appears to be “Becky/Bekki Noboku”, redhead is Rouka/Rokka (spelling may vary) Fukawataze. I think those are their canon names. Nice for u to reply to my thread from like years ago tho!
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