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Throughout the series there are multiple battles that occur between the charaters, some larger, notably the first battle of the series, season 1 episode 2 between Rikka and Touka, some smaller, comparable to challenges rather than proper fights such as when Cento and Rikka held a competition in season 2 episode _.

With this in mind, it should be stated that a majority of these battles do not hold real world consequences, the magic powers, the magnificent (impractically sized) weapons and tools of the characters, they are all a part of the fun, and figments of their collective imagination.

That said, these battles are extremely well animated and detailed, the music here is often at its most active and/or dramatic.

Battle 1: Rikka vs Touka - Season 1 Episode 2[]

Rikka vs Touka battle 1

Rikka vs Touka

Rikka vs Touka is The first battle in the anime and Happens in episode 2 of the first season, and the battle occurs in 3 phases:

The first phase, largely not shown, though the results later made obvious, follows Rikka fleeing from Touka. it is here, that she encounters Chimera. While the battle is not shown, we see the silhouette of Touka pursuing Rikka, and after waking Yuuta (post opening seuqence) we see that Rikka has a large bandage on her forehead. She proceeds to regale Yuuta with part of her misadventure of yesterday evening, and warns of her sister, "The priestess", being a most powerful adversary.

Due to the events explained, it is extremely likely that a battle occurred and Touka defeated Rikka, though not knowing of the new furry companion Rikka had located.

The second phase begins when Touka arrives back at her (and Rikka's) apartment, finding her allergy to cats acting up. She enters Rikka's room to find Yuuta, Kumin and Rikka who is holding Chimera and demands to know who's cat it is. Rikka has no answer and swiftly flees, with Touka in close pursuit. Much to the annoyance of Yuuta, the two fight in his room, though this one ends swiftly with a failed "Avalon smash" from Rikka: crashing at top speed into a lamp, promptly falling onto Yuuta's bed, knocked out or, at the very least, disorientated.

This attack damaged the top shelf of a bookcase, gave a mild impact to a ceiling lamp, gave a brief examination of a bed's ability to reduce one's fall damage, and saw a teenager become discombobulated. At no point was Touka harmed. Touka wins again.

Onto the third and final phase, commencing shortly after the second: just as Touka finished blackmailing/torturing Yuuta into helping to rehome Chimera, Rikka escapes from her room, taking Chimera with her. This gives Yuuta the chance to steal the voice recording from Touka, and allows him and Kumin to escape. The trio reconvene and hide out at the local park, finding refuge in a climbing frame. However, when planning for Yuuta and Kumin to take chimera and run, Chimera gets a head start, slipping down a slide and running to the right of the viewer's screen, allowing Touka to locate them. Rikka commences a new, doomed, duel against Touka, the score soon reaching 3 to nil in Touka's favour.

Within this phase, several things should be noted: before finding the climbing frame, Kumin was struck by a flying ladle from Touka with pinpoint accuracy. Kumin was behind a sign. Rikka was once again, not able to harm Touka mid combat. Most importantly: Rikka explains that in prior conflicts against the priestess, the wicked lord was unable to defeat her, attempting to initiate the ritual of bloody prison to capture her, but failing. Bloody prison: chaining the target and using magic to create a seal of which the target may not escape. the target can however escape if, like Touka, they can teleport.

Winner: Touka Takanashi - 3+ wins

Losers: Rikka (3+ Loses), Yuuta (1 loss), Kumin (1 loss).

Overall damages:

  • 1 cat rehomed from the Takanashi apartment, to the Togashi apartment;
  • multiple head wounds inflicted on Rikka, 1 wound for Yuuta and Kumin each;
  • The retention of blackmail by Touka;
  • The destruction of the ignorance of Yuuta and Kumin as to the power of Touka.

Battle 2: Rikka vs Drama club - Season 1 Episode 3[]

12th Minute 3rd Second of the 3rd episode of the anime

Rikka saw the drama club performing a practice exercise and was invited to join. Rikka's delusions prevented 3 drama club members from being able to partake in the exercise, unsure how to respond to the eye of the wicked lord, much to the drama club leader's exasperation. the exercise in question was featuring a log bridge in which only one person could pass at a time, and the actors had to convince each other to stand aside so they may move first. Following the failed attempts at the exercise, Rikka was challenged by the person she first saw performing, who challenged her to defeat him. Rikka fired her dark matter blaze, promptly resisted by the adversary, who's confidence was swiftly undone as he was charged by Rikka who jabbed her closed umbrella at him several times, before sliding under him, reaching the end of the 'bridge' and proclaiming her victory.

Yuuta proceeded to chop her on the head for her reckless actions.

Winner: Rikka Takanashi .

Losers: the drama club.

Overall damages:

  • Rikka was chopped on the head by Yuuta.

Rikka vs Dekomori[]

Rikka vs Dekomori is the second battle in the anime series this happens in the episode 3 of the first season

After failing the attempt to introduce Quimera as a member of the club Ms. Nanase Promise to recommend they as a circle if they clean a classroom that day

Yuuta and kumin start cleaning while Dekomori challenge Rikka to a battle, the battle was interrupted by Yuuta exclaiming to stop playing

Result: Interrupted

Nibutani vs Dekomori[]

Nibutani vs Dekomori is the third battle in the anime and happens in the episode 4 of the first season

Winner: Dekomori Sanae

Rikka vs Shichimiya[]