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Cento 1
Name in Japanese チェント
Romaji Translation Cento
Debut (Anime) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 9
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 6-7
Relatives Unnamed Father
Status Alive

Cento (チェント Cento) is the daughter of Tōka's boss in Italy. Tōka takes her along to visit Japan. She seems to speak Japanese quite well for a foreigner. Cento is fascinated by Japanese samurai dramas.

Character Outline[]

Cento's father allowed her to go with Tōka to Japan, likely due to her obsession with Samurai dramas.


Cento first appears in Episode 9 of Season 2, alongside Tōka. At first, Tōka states that Cento is her daughter (that she bore as a teenager), but seconds later admits that she is only joking. Tōka later introduces Cento as the daughter of the head chef in Italy.


Cento is a young girl, approximately six to seven years old. Her wavy, dark brown hair reaches down her back. She has large, orangish-brown eyes. Though she wears multiple outfits in her appearances, she is mainly seen in a red, one-piece bathing suit with light pink polka dots. Her most notable accessories are her wooden samurai sword (which she uses multiple times to 'battle' Rikka), and her hat.


She is a pretentious little girl who is seen trying to 'defeat' Rikka. She also has rather good reaction time and strikes with precision for a child her age.


Season 2[]