Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Wiki


Rikka Takanashi[]

She became friends with her after Rikka temporarily got rid of her syndrome. Kazari then develops feelings for Rikka in secret. 

Yuuta Togashi[]

Yuuta's relationship with Rikka puts him at odds with Kazari, even mentioning Kazari as his rival. Still, Kazari holds a friendly behavior towards Yuuta, she agreed to help Yuuta improve his relations with Rikka, arranging a date for the two (which also delighted Kazari herself, as if she was the one dating Rikka)

Makoto Isshiki[]

Kazari was beautiful enough to get Makoto's attention, he ranked her second on the cutie poll.

Shinka Nibutani[]

Nibutani was the one who originally suggested Rikka should ask her for relationship advice.