Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Wiki


Rikka Takanashi[]

Kumin tries to understand what Rikka is saying and doing, even though she is not a chuunibyou herself. She also seems to form a particularly close relationship with Rikka, as she enjoys hanging out with her , and thus did her best to keep the club from being shut down, as well as a mutual trust is shown when Rikka temporarily "handed down", the power of the Wicked Lord Shingan to her. She finds chuunibyou fascinating and fun. 

Yuuta Togashi[]

Despite Kumin's behavior, Yuuta respects her as an upperclassman in a way or another.

Makoto Isshiki[]

She is friendly towards Makoto. Being an airhead, Kumin does not notice Makoto's feelings for her. Kumin was sleeping when Makoto confessed his feelings to her at the school festival, and turned him down. Like most of the rest of the cast, Kumin doesn't even recognize him at times due to his sudden appearance changes. 

Shinka Nibutani[]

Kumin understands her despite Shinka's behavior and actions. But her airhead behavior annoys Shinka; though Kumin is an upperclassman, her behavior made Shinka comment that Kumin should behave more like a senior.

Dekomori Sanae[]

Dekomori seems to get along with kumin, they are seen together on several occasions and even Kumin gets to annoy Nibutani when she is with deko and when deko does chuunibyou things she seems to have fun