Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Wiki


Yuuta Togashi[]

Makoto befriended Yuuta and became close with him; he came to Yuuta for help when he received a love letter from someone. He also helped Yuuta out as well; when Nibutani found out about the cutie poll, Makoto defended Yuuta and the boys involved and admitted he was responsible for the poll. When Yuuta realized that he had feelings for Rikka, Makoto encouraged him to confess to Rikka and get into a relationship with her. By the second season, however, it seemed that Yuuta is drifting away from Makoto very much.

Kumin Tsuyuri[]

Makoto fell in love with Kumin and is the only girl he has focused on ever since. He has tried many ways to get Kumin's attention and confess his feelings for her but continues to fail to do so. Still, he never gives up.

Shinka Nibutani[]

Makoto was initially attracted to Nibutani, but after Nibutani showed her true colors, Makoto became afraid of her, especially after he admitted that he was the one who made the cutie poll.