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Natsumi Tokugawa
Natsumi Tokugawa v03
Name in Japanese 十九川 菜摘
Romaji Translation Tokugawa Natsumi
Debut (Anime) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 08 - The False... Mori Summer [or Holy Spirit Mother]
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ami Koshimizu
Voice Actor (English) Krystal LaPorte
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive

Natsumi Tokugawa (十九川 菜摘 Tokugawa Natsumi) is a character in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions -Heart Throb-. She is a young woman who stalks Dekomori. In early episodes of Season 2, she is seen in the background taking pictures of Dekomori.  She somehow drops a note into Dekomori's bag with a link to her new Mori Summer website, which Dekomori finds in Episode 7. When Dekomori goes there online, with Natsumi posing as the "real" Mori Summer, they have a conversation. Dekomori agrees to a meeting, during which Natsumi proceeds to molest Dekomori.


Natsumi has long brown hair that resembles Shinka Nibutani's hairstyle and brown eyes.

She wears a yellow dress, rather than the typical skirt which a high-school student wears, so she may be older than the high-school girls. She wears a white cross-shaped hair clip. She has the same hand accessory which Nibutani used for her Mori Summer look.


Natsumi is a mysterious person with no name, going only by 'Mori Summer', rather than telling Dekomori or anyone her given name. She blushes when gazing at Dekomori or her picture. She is seen frequently taking pictures. In her first appearance in the background of Episode 2, she is taking pictures of Dekomori both in the supermarket and out in the street. When she first meets Dekomori face to face, she tells Dekomori to shut her eyes, and then takes several more pictures. During the battle with Nibutani, she creates several black, smoky tentacles as part of her attack.  



Sanae Dekomori[]

Shinka Nibutani[]


  • The name Natsumi means "vegetables, greens" (菜) (na) and "pick, pluck" (摘) (tsumi).
  • Natsumi's surname Tokugawa means "nineteen" (十九) (toku) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).




Official normal design of Natsumi