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Yuuta Togashi[]

She is Yuuta's girlfriend. Rikka initially had interest in him because he is Dark Flame Master, the boy she once saw playing around, doing his chuuni shenanigans. She thought it was so cool, and she would be spying on him from her apartment, leading her to imitate his actions, eventually developing chuunibyou just like he did. Rikka did this as a coping mechanism to escape from this dull, sad world after her father had passed away. Upon both of their high school debuts, they both finally met, Rikka had known about his chuunibyou persona and requested Yuuta for his help with discovering the Invisible Boundary Lines. Yuuta wasn't too fond of her at first since she would remind him of his embarrassing past and even did his best to keep away from her. But that failed, they both have become friends one way or another, Yuuta would help out with her daily life such as preparing for tests and engaging in her delusional activities (although not exactly because he really wanted to). Yuuta is one of the two people (other one being Dekomori) who would understand what she says. When Yuuta found out about her father's death, Yuuta became deeply sorry for her, he finally understood the reason behind her chuunibyou. On the night where they had run away from Rikka's grandparents' house during summer vacation, she began developing romantic feelings for him. She felt like her becoming boyfriend and girlfriend with Yuuta was unnecessary just because she was embarrassed of the thought of it, but Nibutani encouraged her to confess either way. Nibutani did everything in her power to get them closer. As a last resort she plans that Yuuta and Rikka get on the school roof, where Rikka slips and has her life in danger, thankfully having Yuuta save her life. They embrace after, and Yuuta begins developing feelings. In the night, they confess, but unlike a regular couple, they hold pinkies. Just when Yuuta gets home Touka takes him to a restaurant to have a talk with him aabout getting Rikka out of her chuunibyou personality, Yuuta didn't want to, but had no choice but to get Rikka to snap out of it. Outside of her chuunibyou, Rikka became a normal, melancholic, quiet girl. He pretended that it was fine, until on the day Rikka had to go to her grandparents' place yet again to visit her father's grave, he regretted his choice of letting her go accept her father's death in a way she could not understand. She did not return, and her apartment has been put out for sale. As Yuuta had learned about this, he rode on Isshiki's bike in the middle of the night to Rikka's grandparents, where he climbed up to her window and reunited. They went to go see the Invisible Boundary Lines while police are chasing them, where Rikka finally said goodbye to her father in her own way. After Season 1, their relationship would continue to take small but sure steps, Yuuta had become more accepting of her chuunibyou persona and even loved that about her. They both become a devoted couple by the Take On Me movie.

Sanae Dekomori[]

Rikka is Sanae's Master and best friend. They met on the internet two years prior to the start of the story. They have a very close relationship and share their interest in chuunibyou behaviour, often acting battles with each other and casting "magic spells". Sanae looks up to Rikka and cares for her a lot, becoming upset when she threw away her true desires and then agreeing to be forced to move in with her grandparents. She became a little jealous when Rikka began dating Yuuta, but eventually got over it and gave them her support.

Tōka Takanashi[]

Her older sister, whom she usually refers to her as "The Priestess" and is frequently seen to be fighting against her, particularly during her delusional operations. However, she failed miserably due to the fairly obvious appearance that her older sister is far stronger than she, assuming it to be punishing her swiftly for stubbornly accepting reality.

Mr. Takanashi[]

Rikka's father, however, it is learned that he had passed away when she was still too young to understand. This was the start of Rikka's Chūnibyō as she attempted to find the invisible boundary lines so as to meet her father again.

Mrs. Takanashi[]

Her mother. She used to have a turbulent relationship with her, she would try to tell Rikka that her father had passed away, but she would not listen. Because of various reasons, her mother had to leave her with her grandparents and Touka. Later after season 1, their relationship has improved.

Shinka Nibutani[]

Shinka is her classmate and class representative, who is also a member of her own club. However, she formally joined to prematurely assuming it to be an act of getting close to Sanae and look for her "evidences" and attempt to destroy them for her sake. Despite being irritated by Rikka's chunibyo behaviour quite intensely sometimes, she'd willingly help her in her romantic relationship between herself and Yuuta.

Kumin Tsuyuri[]

They were seen to be formally meeting during an initial recruitment between Rikka and Yuuta themselves, the latter of which also wondered if they were interesting in joining her napping club (which she claimed that she had already formed before theirs, but failed due to lack of people's interest). Realising that there's no other choices, they were sent off by their teacher and given the task to clean out the unused dirty classroom in order to have it serve as a base of operations. From this point on, they form a particularly close relationship and show mutual respect to each other.

Satone Shichimiya[]

At first, Rikka initially viewed Satone as a threat to her relationship with Yuuta . As shown fairly early in the series, the duo would challenge each other to a delusional duel due to their mutual chuunibyou personas. However, they eventually became friends afterwards in the series, she'd also like to help her in improving her relationship with Yuuta.

Makoto isshikki[]

Rikka doesn't have much association with him, and calls him "bald monk-head". They were once classmates until Isshiki was put in a different class in Season 2.