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Sanae Dekomori
Name in Japanese 凸守 早苗
Romaji Translation Dekomori Sanae
Debut (Anime) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 03: The Heretic...Twintail
Appears in Anime, Light novel
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sumire Uesaka
Voice Actor (English) Brittney Karbowski
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday August 9th (Leo)
Age 14 (S1) 15 (S2) 16 (Movie)
Blood Type A
Height 143 cm (4'8")
Weight 45 kg (99 lb)
Title Third Year Junior High Schooler (Anime only), Mjolnir Hammer, High School Freshman Representative (Season 2), Student Council President (Movie)
Status Alive

Sanae Dekomori (凸守(でこもり) 早苗(さなえ) Dekomori Sanae?) is one of the main characters from the Japanese anime, Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!.

She is a member of the Far Eastern Magic Napping Society of Summer.

She is voiced by Sumire Uesaka in the anime. In the English dub, she is voiced by Brittney Karbowski.

Character Outline[]

Sanae Dekomori has been Rikka Takanashi's friend since they met each other two years ago via internet. Similarly to Rikka, she is also experiencing chūnibyō or eighth-grader syndrome. She has long twin-tails tied with small weighted bags that she calls "Mighty Mjolnir Maul" that "makes men meet their mortality". She hates milk very much but still forces herself to drink it everyday, hoping to grow taller. She is very prone to motion sickness.

In Season 2, Dekomori is the freshman class representative for Icho Private High School. She is also admired by others and considered the most intelligent student in her class, beating Nibutani's score in the entrance exam.


Sanae has very long blonde twin-tails tied with small weighted bags that she calls "Mighty Mjolnir Maul”. She has blue eyes and can be considered very petite. Her school uniform skirt is modified with frills just like Rikka, although longer. From time to time she keeps her hair loose. Her attire apart from her school uniform appears to be immature for her age.


Sanae hates milk and other dairy products. She respects her master, Rikka but does the opposite towards Shinka. She is quite popular in her class because she has excellent mathematical abilities. She has already finished the middle school math curriculum and can solve high school questions easily. Despite her suffering from chūnibyō, she acts normal around people not in her chūnibyō "circle".

Dekomori often ends sentences with the more formal “-desu” (です), rather than the casual “-da” (だ), both of which are copula verbs meaning “it is” or “this is”.  For example "This is Sushi" could be translated into "Kore wa o sushidesu", or else "Kore wa o sushida". The inappropriateness of the formal usage among friends, and the stress of her pronunciation of the letter 's' (the 'u' is always effectively silent), indicate that she is using it as a pun with the English word “death”.  The translation of the pun is generally done by using “death” as an interjection, as in “What the death are you doing”. 


A year ago, Sanae posted queries about parallel worlds on the internet. She received replies from the “Tyrant’s Eye” and “Mori Summer”, which delighted her. She later found out that the “Tyrant’s Eye” was her "master" in a "previous life" and decides to become her "servant" once again. She is trying to seek out “Mori Summer” which Shinka Nibutani later revealed to be herself; however, Shinka does not act like "Mori Summer" therefore, Sanae does not believe Shinka and so she always addresses Shinka as “Fake Mori Summer”. Sanae is very intelligent and has the best scores in her whole grade. At the end of the series, she is shown to come from a wealthy family, in one instance arriving at a location in an upper-class sedan with a butler in tow.


Season 1[]

She is Rikka's "servant". She helps Rikka in any way she can. She hopes to find the "real" Mori Summer.

She also serves as an example of what a chuunibyou is

Takanashi Rikka Kai ~Gekijou-ban Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!~[]

Dekomori reassures Rikka that Yuuta will succeed in persuading Rikka's grandparents and asks Rikka about all that happened between him and Rikka.

Season 2[]

Similar to Nibutani in Season 1, Dekomori is a class representative and also the most popular in her class.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Movie -Take On Me-[]

Dekomori is the student council president.

She along with Nibutani are sent by Touka to persue Yuuta and Rikka since she was threatened by Touka, saying that she will publish a photo of her and Nibutani kissing, which put her reputation as the student council president at risk.


  • "Everyone knows that the more taboo something is, the more stimulating it is... "
  • "De-de-death!!"
  • "You should introduce yourself before asking the same of someone else." (S1 Ep. 3)
  • "First-year high school problems should be no problem for me."
  • "I am agent of the eye of the wicked lord, Rikka Takanashi's number one servant, the one who wields the Mjolnir Hammer - Sanae Dekomori!!! Rejoice for I have a right!"
  • "Save me, Fake Mori Summer!" (S2 Ep. 8)


  • The name Sanae means "already, now, fast, early" (早) (sa) and "seedling, sapling, shoot" (苗) (nae).
  • Sanae's surname Dekomori means "convex guard" (凸守).


  • Sanae is one of the many characters not to appear in the light novel. Although she has a small appearance in the Volume 3 and later in Volume 4 is there for the most part.
  • Sanae comes from a very rich family.
  • Sanae is a genius at mathematics, which makes her very popular among the first-years.
  • Sanae's first kiss was with Shinka Nibutani, which was an accident after they lost balance and fell to the floor (Episode 1 OVA).
  • Sanae often ends sentences with the copula verb "-desu" or "-desuka" as a pun with the word "death".
  • Sanae reveals in the Heated Table Series: Kotatsu episodes that the bags on the ends of her twintails are contained with candy.
    • She initially claimed to have attempted to use cookies as well, though results were not as positive.
  • Sanae has the same voice actress as Mai Kawakami from the Musaigen no Phantom World series, another anime produced by Kyoto Animation.
    • Similarly, Sanae also resembles Shiina Chūjō from Amagi Brillant Park, another series produced by Kyoto Animation, since both characters share the same English voice actress.
  • Both of Sanae's Japanese (Sumire Uesaka) and English (Brittney Karbowski) voice actresses have also voiced Kyoko Jingu in The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! anime series, which was released in 2021.