Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Wiki


Rikka Takanashi[]

Tōka's younger sister. She hits or threatens to hit Rikka when she's too deep into her delusions, but deep down, this is simply because she's worried about her. As her elder sister she's concerned about Rikka living on her own.

Yuuta Togashi[]

The downstairs neighbour that befriends her little sister Rikka. Later in the series depending on him to look after her sister.

Mrs. Takanashi[]

Her mother.

Mr. Takanashi[]

Her father.


The daughter of Tōka's boss in Italy, who flew to Japan for a visit.

Yumeha Togashi[]

Throughout S1, she is seen playing house with Yumeha, who she teaches about divorce at a young age. They are friendly towards each other, and Touka even has Yumeha as her bridesmaid at her wedding.