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The takanashi family is one of the main families in the anime,

also has more members than the togashi family

Family History[]

Family members[]

  • Rikka Takanashi
  • Touka Takanashi
  • Mrs. Takanashi
  • Mrs. Takanashi
  • Takanashi granfather
  • Takanashi grandmother

Related characters[]

  • Yuuta Togashi (Rikka's boyfriend)
  • Touka's husband (unnamed)

Indivudual information[]

Rikka Takanashi[]

she is the protagonist of the anime and the youngest member of the family, she does not represent a relevant position or obligation in her family because other members take care of important things while she concentrates on her school

Touka Takanashi[]

Touka is the eldest daughter of the Takanashi family and until the end of the first season she lives with Rikka and takes care of his needs

and during the second season she went to italy to continue being a chef and from time to time she visits rikka to know how she is.

Mrs. Takanashi.[]

She is the Mother Of Touka and Rikka, she went to live alone after the death Of her husband and left Touka and Rikka living with their grandparents, during the first season of the anime she only appears in the final chapters and during de final season she does not appear