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This template is supposed to be the base template for other tab templates.


{{Parent Tab Template
|backcolor     = 
|altbackcolor  = 
|textcolor     = 
|alttextcolor  = 
|bordercolor   = 
|height        = 
|minwidth      = 
|maxwidth      = 
|tab1 = 
|tab2 =            |title2 = 
|tab3 =            |title3 = 
|tab4 =            |title4 = 
|tab5 =            |title5 = 
|tab6 =            |title6 = 
|tab7 =            |title7 = 
|tab8 =            |title8 = 

All parameters, except tab1, are optional.

  • base - this optional parameter allows a different base pagename to be selected. It can be used to display a set of *tabs on a page not included in the tabs.
  • backcolor - background color of active tab; default: #DDDDDD;
  • altbackcolor - background color of inactive tabs; default: transparent;
  • textcolor - text color of the active tab; default: black;
  • alttextcolor - text color of the inactive tab; default: default text link color;
  • bordercolor - border color of every tab; default: gray;
  • activeborder - border color of the active tab; default: the same as bordercolor;
  • borderradius - border radius of every tab; default: 4;
  • font-size - the text size.
  • height - height of tabs, in em; default: 3.8em;
  • minwidth - min. width of tabs, in em; default: 5.0em;
  • maxwidth - max. width of tabs, in em; default: 12.0em;
  • tab1 - an arbitrary title of the first tab;
  • tab2 - title of the second tab; it must correspond to the part after "/" of the name of the page, to which it links
  • tab3, tab4, tab5, tab6, tab7, tab8, tab9 - like tab2
  • title2 - the title you want to display in the tab.
  • title3, title4, title5, title6, title7, title8, title9 - like title2


Template:Parent Tab Template

{{Parent Tab Template
|tab2=Personality and Relationships
|tab3=Abilities and Powers
|tab5=Character Development