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The Togashi family is one of the two families in the anime that have nearly all of the family members appearing.

Family History[]

The Togashi family is a family of which not much could be said about. For the most part it is your regular family.

Family Members[]

  • Yuuta Togashi
  • Kuzuha Togashi
  • Yumeha Togashi
  • Mrs. Togashi
  • Mr. Togashi

Related characters[]

  • Rikka Takanashi (Yuuta's Girlfriend)

Induvidual Information[]

Yuuta Togashi[]

He is one of the protagonist of the anime and is the first of the three children.

Kuzuha Togashi[]

Kuzuha is Yuuta's younger sister and the second youngest member of the Togashi family, during the first season Kuzuha only appears on a few occasions to have some dialogues and during the second season where she lives with Yuuta and Rikka and helps them with household chores.

Yumeha Togashi[]

Yumeha is Yuuta's second younger sister and the youngest member of the Togashi family. She has little importance in the story.

Mrs. Togashi[]

She is the mother of Yuuta, Kuzuha and Yumeha. She has no relevance to the story and hardly appears. In the Rikka Version movie she, Yumeha and Kuzuha leave to Jakarta to live with her husband. But in season 2 Kuzuha returns to Japan to continue school.

Mr. Togashi.[]

He is the father of Yuuta, Kuzuha and Yumeha. He does not appear at any time in the anime and is only mentioned. One of the only things that are known about him is that he doesn't live with his family (up until the Rikka Version movie) and works in Jakarta.