Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Wiki

Throghout the anime we have seen how diferent characters have had diferent battles for various reasons, these change with respect to the scenarios and characters but they all have in common that the characters at the beginning of the battle summons a weapon with wich they are going to defend themselves

These ussually just appear and have no name, while in other times these are summoned and these do have a name

Rikka Takanashi[]

Scwarzsech Prototype Mark II[]

Rikka usually uses an umbrella to fight normally, this is the weapon that appears the most in all the anime

Queen of The Night[]

Queen of the night

Rikka attacking with Queen of the night

Queen of the night is the weapon that Rikka summons when she is in Chuunibyou, this is bigger than her but she can still lift and move with it.

Rikka summons Queen of the Night for the first time using her blood.

This weapon allows him to make ranged attacks with magic or projectiles that has inside, or make physichal attacks of great destruccion

Rikka does not seem to have any problem moving with it despite its large size and weight, she is even see making attacks with great speed as if the weapon weighed nothing, this is shown in her battles with Touka and Shichimiya wher she launched a lo of attacks without any problem

Tis weapon first appeared in the second episode of the first season and Rikka used it to fight with Touka

Sanae Dekomori[]

Dekomori Twintails[]

Dekomori commonly uses her twintails to attack in a common way like Rikka with her umbrella

Dekomori Mjolnir Hammer

Dekomori holding her Mjolnir hammer after summoning it

Mjolnir Hammer[]

When she are in Chuunibyou she usually summons a hammer-shaped weapon that she calls mjolnir hammer like the one in the norse mythology, this is one of the most recurrent weapons in the anime series

Shinka Nibutani[]

Nibutani Machine Guns[]

Nibutani Weapon

Nibutani fighting dekomori with her weapon

Nibutani in her battle with Dekomori summons two weapons wich have machine guns inside and due theri large size serve as as shield, large enough to defend her from Dekomori's mjolnir hammer

Same weapons are used in the second season when the entire club fights with Touka, but they have a different design which the shields they had aparently eliminated

Kumin Tsuyuri[]

Kumin ussually summons magic staves with which he sometimes attacks with magis and other times with the magic staff itself.

Touka Takanashi[]

Touka's ladle (normal)[]

Normally she carries a ladle which she uses to hit or throw it

Touka's ladle (Chuunibyou)[]

Touka in all her battles summons a weapon that resembles a huge ladle larger than her, she holds with their hands

This proven to be one of the most powerful weapons in all of the entire Chuunibyou anime

This weapon allows Touka to counterattack and return ranged attacks and attack with magic or physical attacks.

Satone Shichimiya[]

During her battle with Rikka She summons a scepter that allows her to make magical attacks