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Yuuta Togashi
Name in Japanese 富樫 勇太
Romaji Translation Togashi Yuuta
Debut (Anime) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 01 - An Encounter with...the Wicked Eye
Debut (Light Novel) Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Volume 1
Appears in Anime
Light Novel
Voice Actor (Japanese) Jun Fukuyama
Voice Actor (English) Leraldo Anzaldua
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday July 7th (Cancer)
Age 15 (S1) 16 (S2) 17 (Movie 2)
Blood Type A
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Weight 60 kg (132 lb)
Relatives Kuzuha Togashi (younger sister)
Yumeha Togashi (youngest sister)
Mrs. Togashi (mother)
Mr. Togashi (father)
Rikka Takanashi (girlfriend)
Title Class Representative (Anime only), High School Freshman, Dark Flame Master
Status Alive

Yuuta Togashi (富樫 勇太, Togashi Yūta) is the main male protagonist of the Japanese light novel series and anime, Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!.

He is a founding member of the Far Eastern Magic Napping Society of Summer.

He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama. In the English dub, he is voiced by Leraldo Anzaldua.

Character Outline[]

Yuuta Togashi is a high school student who once upon a time (the prior school year) exhibited "chūnibyō" (middle-school 2nd-year syndrome) tendencies. During his middle-school days, he named himself the Dark Flame Master and declared that he had dark powers. Whenever he thinks about this behaviour, he feels extremely embarrassed, and so he tries hard to conceal this part of his past from others. He enrolled into Icho Private High School which is farther and is a different school from everyone else from his middle school. On the first day of school there, he befriended a girl named Rikka Takanashi, which he immediately came to regret due to her embarrassing chūnibyō antics. He later develops romantic feelings for Rikka, and the two start going out near the end of Season 1. Other friends are Makoto Isshiki, who sits behind him in class in the first season, then in the second season no longer being seated within the same class; and Shinka Nibutani, who also has a history of chūnibyō behavior.


Yuuta has short brown hair which falls into a slight fringe, an ahoge, green eyes and a slightly tanned complexion. He is most often seen throughout the series in the standard school uniform of a white dress shirt, tan colored sweater, a striped red school tie, and the standard school blazer, leaving one button undone on his shirt. Outside of school he generally wears jeans with either a jacket or hoodie, except in special cases where a change of wardrobe is appropriate such as during summer vacation.


Yuuta is usually very kind and treats everyone well; however, when someone mentions his 8th grader syndrome, he quickly becomes embarrassed and ashamed of his chūnibyō past while being aggressive towards the person who mentioned it, usually Rikka, Dekomori and Kumin. He can be stubborn sometimes for example; he didn't want to help Nibutani keep Dekomori away from her classroom (despite that she helped his relationship with Rikka) so that she can give her campaign speech in peace. And when Nibutani persuades him to, he fails to keep her from going to her classroom and pushes the fault away from him. He is also diligent and responsible, often being the voice of reason in the group. He often hits Rikka on the head when she says something that is related to her chūnibyō roles to stop her, causing one to question why they like each other. In the comedy of the series he serves as the tsukkomi. Yuuta is rather good at housekeeping, he cleans up Rikka's room in her stead from when they had to live together and in one instance where he washed the dishes at Rikka's apartment. He is also often seen helping his sister Kuzuha with doing chores while their parents are elsewhere.


Yuuta lives with his family which consists of his mother and two younger sisters, Yumeha and Kuzuha. When he was younger and still had chūnibyō, he believed he was the Dark Flame Master and behaved in ways that usually confused his family, sometimes embarrassing his family members in front of others however the people other than his family thought he was cool at that time.

After Yuuta becomes older, he tries to leave his chūnibyō past behind him and attempts to behave like a normal person, although he occasionally slips back into his old self out of habit, because at core, he is still the same person.


Season 1[]

He is the protagonist of the anime series and he wishes to forget his chūnibyō past once and for all by starting his new school life in a school far away from his middle school, Rikka prevents him from forgetting it all, saying that he's so cool and asking him to go back into being Dark Flame Master, going along with Rikka's delusions while developing his friendship and then romantic relationship with Rikka, and solving her problems.

It also shows us how it creates bonds of friendship with other people and how the chunibyo creates different reactions in people and how it affects different people.

Takanashi Rikka Kai ~Gekijouban Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!~[]

Yuuta begs Rikka's grandparents to let her live on her own, but her grandfather is strongly against it, barely getting his permission. He meets Rikka's mother properly in-person, where she tells him the meaning of Rikka's name, snowflake. Each snowflake is unique and irreplaceable. This changed Yuuta's perception of the snow, something he once hated because of the cold, and now coming to love it.

Rikka's grandfather changes his mind last minute leading to Rikka's old apartment being put out for sale again, and having Rikka's belongings be at Yuuta's apartment yet again just like in the first episode of the series. Leaving them both with no choice but to live together.

Season 2[]

Yuuta is the protagonist again. This season is about how his relationship flows with Rikka despite there being several obstacles for the two of them.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Movie -Take On Me-[]

Yuuta and Rikka elope, taking a long journey across Japan while finally affirming their relationship with each other, with Yuuta understanding in the end that it was everything about Rikka herself that made him fall in love with her.


  • The name Yuuta means "brave/bravery, courage" (勇) (yuu) and "thick, big, great" (太) (ta).
  • Yuuta's surname Togashi means "wealth, abundance" (富) (to) and "evergreen oak" (樫) (kashi/gashi).

Dark Flame Master[]

Dark Flame Master
-Official- Dark Flame Master
Personal Info

Dark Flame Master (ダーク・フレイム・マスター Dāku Fureimu Masutā, abbreviated as DFM) is Yuuta Togashi's chūnibyō persona during his mid-schooling period.

Character Outline[]

DFM is a warrior that mastered the ways of handling dark flames.

He speaks in a deeper voice than Yuuta, using up most of his New Year’s savings on Dark Flame Master gear, chanting spells before meals, and meditating under fluorescent lights in the form of a pyramid at night. With the Wicked Lord Shingan's (Tyrant's Eye) help, he is able to awaken a stronger version of his dragon, the Dark Flame Dragon that is hidden inside his arm.


DFM always wears gothic clothes, ranging from a black belted jacket to dark black belted pants. He has also been seen wearing a long black coat with fur shoulder pads. His weapon of choice is often his large sword but he also has a shotgun at his disposal (assumed to be airsoft since firearms are illegal in Japan).

DFM vows to never loosen the "cursed bandage" on his right arm because doing so will unleash the Black Flame Dragon to the world.

Some of his techniques include:

  • Vicious Dragon Leg: A kick surrounded by dark flames that flies straight when on the ground and diagonally when airborne.
  • Crimson Neowave: DFM seemingly slips by his opponent, and suddenly reappears behind them, giving a thumbs down as they're suddenly struck by an unblockable explosion.
  • Demon Tide EX: DFM performs 3 Crow Bites in quick succession, ending with a flaming kick downwards. He then pulls out his sword and then leaps into the air with an upwards slash. He then slashes downwards, plummeting down till he hits the ground.
  • Blackned Star Road: DFM summons black flames from the depths of hell and shapes it in the form of the Black Flame Dragon and punches the ground with his right hand, unleashing the full extent of its flames in a fiery pillar.


DFM has a very dramatic personality, with his ultimate aim being to rule the world. He likes to act out his Dark Flame "abilities" and other fantasies, although appears considerate enough to avoid getting into trouble when out in public. He occasionally returns into his Yuuta personality by mistake when flustered, especially when talking to his family or close friends. His catchphrase is "Vanish into the embrace of dark flames!".


  • Just like Shinka Nibutani, he rolls on the floor or punches an object nearby whenever he remembers his chuunibyou days and get embarrassed. He even mentions to Nibutani that the wall has done nothing wrong when she launched several punches into the wall because she remembered her chuuni days, even though he punches his own refrigerator when he remembered his chuuni days.
  • After Rikka finds how to awaken the Dark Flame Dragon kept inside Yuuta and successfully brings it out, he is now called "Guerzoniansus" in Season Two or "Gelzoniansus" in the movie. According to Yuuta, this is the Dark Flame Master's "true name" before his era as The Dark Flame Master.
  • His "Dark Flame Master" name is something that Shichimiya originally made up.

Note: I just summarized the trivia I added, I might be wrong on some parts on the trivia like the name "Guerzoniansus or Gelzoniansus" since I last watched this anime a year ago and I think I watched this anime in it's early subs. Like Rikka's alias in her own page in this wiki such as "Wicked Eye, Tyrant's Eye, Eye of the Wicked Lord, Wicked Lord Shingan", so I'm not sure which is the right one in the two. It looks like no one in the fans or editors in this wiki had the strength to put Yuuta's other alias as Guerzoniansus, or they probably just forgotten about it. The KyoAni arson incident has been over a year now, so it's time to update this wiki. I'm about to engulf the people who didn't want to edit this wiki into the Dark Flames by my imagination, (I'm just kidding).

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  • The only character he hasn't hit in the cast is Kumin; unlike Nibutani he has respect for her as his upperclassman.
  • Yuuta was initially a Virgo in the light novel.


  • "Be embellished in the flames of darkness!"
  • "Be engulfed into the Dark Flames!"
  • "Forgive me God, for having dirty thoughts about the person beside me."
  • "Do you want to stay in this boring reality, or do you want to come with me and change that reality?!"