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Rikka Takanashi[]

On the first day of High School she approaches Yuuta and reveals to him that she knows about him being the Dark Flame Master. Therefore he knows that Rikka has chūnibyō and in the beginning of the anime series, Yuuta tries to avoid Rikka due to the fact that she has 8th grade syndrome (something he is trying to forget and leave behind). On that same day Rikka loses her wallet, and Yuuta is assigned to take her home due to the fact that Rikka lives a floor above Yuuta's apartment. From this point on Yuuta seemingly takes on the role of a caretaker. When Rikka runs away from her grandparent's home, Yuuta chases after her; When Rikka forgot her key and they stayed at Yuuta's apartment alone for the night, at this point, Yuuta begins to wonder about his feelings for Rikka, but denies it because he assumes that Rikka cannot feel complicated emotions such as love. During the preparation for the school festival, Rikka slips off the roof of the school building but is saved by Yuuta. After being rescued by Yuuta, Rikka refuses to let go of Yuuta because she is still in shock and the two embrace. This leads to Yuuta develop romantic feelings for Rikka. He takes advice from Isshiki and takes the initiative to walk home with Rikka with the intentions of confessing. After some initial awkwardness Rikka is able to confess to Yuuta first and the two formed the "Tyrant's Eye's lover's contract". When Tōka reveals that she will be leaving for Italy, and that her mother will be taking care of Rikka, Yuuta tells Rikka to take off her eyepatch. This prompts Rikka to leave behind her chuunibyou and loses her powers. When Rikka decides to move back in with her grandparents, Yuuta is confused but soon realizes he was the cause of Rikka's departure. After reading a letter he sent to himself from his days as the Dark Flame Master as well as later learning from Kumin (who briefly became Rikka's chuunibyou) about how Rikka began with her chuunibyou, Yuuta races off on a bike borrowed from Isshiki to Rikka. Yuuta (who now accepts his and Rikka's chuunibyou) asks Rikka to form a contract with him. Rikka realizing that Yuuta is accepting her for who she is, leaps into his arms to run away from her grandparents and the two are reunited. Yuuta helps her find the "Etheral Horizon", so that Rikka can say her goodbyes to her papa and move on. At the end of the series, Rikka regained her powers and the Tyrant's Eye and it is revealed that the Rikka has returned to living in the apartment above Yuuta's. Yuuta fully accepts her chuunibyou knowing the importance of it, but still finding it embarrassing, and falling in love with that side of her. He became to love everything about her (as he told Shichimiya in S2, EP 10). Yuuta tries to do what is best for Rikka and deeply cares for her like no one else.

Shinka Nibutani[]

Yuuta met Nibutani by accident whilst coincidentally arranging their looks at the train station. After realizing that she was the class representative and his classmate, Yuuta developed feelings for Nibutani, prior to establishing a close relationship with Rikka. He had imaginations of Nibutani harboring feelings for him. The two got along well with each other especially when Yuuta becomes unintentionally a class representative. At some point, Nibutani asks Yuuta out on a date, but it turns out to be only an act for her to find her book and destroy it, thus revealing her chuunibyou side. Like him Nibutani wishes to get away from her eighth-grade syndrome. This made him empathetic to Shinka and he realizes he no longer has feelings for Shinka, though he understands her and continues to assist her in her life problems.

Makoto Isshiki[]

The duo became friends after some introduction about themselves from each to another. Later in the event, Isshiki sought for help when he received a love letter from someone. After having been spotted by Nibutani about the cutie poll, Yuuta did his best to defend him from having his head shaved after accepting self-given punishment, but this failed when Nibutani showed up telling him that it is his responsibility to do so; effectively prompting Yuuta to cut off all of his hair, the latter of which has ended up asking the group to cheer him up for a while. He as well has been advised once to confess his feelings to Rikka and form a new relationship with her. Unfortunately, by the second season, it seemed that they no longer cared for each other anymore, due to the fact is that they are in different classes. Therefore, Isshiki now focuses on other things like getting appointed as a class representative and attracting Kumin about their relationship by status quo.

Kumin Tsuyuri[]

His upperclassman. Although she is an airhead, he still respects her as an upperclassman.

Sanae Dekomori[]

Yuuta first encountered her face-to-face after having been awakened by her individually, unfortunately, after some initial introduction about who she is, he got agitated. After that, Rikka shows up, claiming that she is her servant back in the previous days. Afterwards, he immediately realized that Sanae is also another chuunibyou patient, much to his annoyance. From this point on, she genuinely admires and affirms Yuuta to be the Dark Flame Master himself, however, she may be harsher towards him sometimes, especially when the duo get involved into a hard situation. Despite all this, she once burst into tears because she was highly shocked and upset to learn that Yuuta couldn't stop Rikka from going to the country in order to visit and live at her grandparents' house. Following this, precisely in S1E12, when she's clearing the magical circle from the club room, it seems as though she has showed some "respect" and politeness towards Yuuta by addressing him as "upperclassman". Once again, Yuuta got agitated, telling her that the change of hers was too abrupt and was way too weird in the first place. After seeing Kumin pretending to be another version of Tyrant's Eye, Isshiki wondered if she was in any of his other ideas. All in all, he still values and considers her to be a part of his circle, due to the connection with Rikka. She cares for both Yuuta and Rikka as a couple and is willing to help them out. She can get mad at Yuuta if she believes that he is mistreating Rikka.

Satone Shichimiya[]

Yuuta and Satone initially met each other during their middle school days, who he acknowledges that she was the one who gained him inspiration thanks to her chunibyo's persona. Later on the series, ( Season 2 of Episode 7), it's revealed that she had developed a crush on him once, however, this turns out to be false as she stated that she should stand by her chunibyo's persona nonetheless (as seen when Rikka and Satone were having a conversation about their relationship between Yuuta and her back in the previous days). Despite this, though, they still recognize each other as allies. Yuuta felt loneliness and dismay when Satone had transferred schools without saying goodbye. When they met each other again during Season 2, Yuuta showed signs of uncertainty and sadness on his face, remembering and worrying about the fact that they aparted during middle school.

Tōka Takanashi[]

The neighbour who lives one-floor above to Yuuta's apartment. Yuuta is fearful of her, knowing that she physically hurts him and others (i.e, throwing a ladle at his face.) and threatens to release his embarrassing info.

Kuzuha Togashi[]

His younger sister, who is currently a middle schooler. Throughout the series, she is often found to be helping him with his household chores.

Yumeha Togashi[]

His youngest sister. Yumeha finds Dark Flame Master cool, but he tells her not to call him that. She seems to enjoy playing with him on the occasion.